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Save children
Mar 2023
March 2023 Newsletter
We are so very grateful to you, our wonderful donors for your ongoing support to enable us to continue the lifesaving work being done at the hospital. We share some of the many success stories with you...
Save children
Oct 2022
October 2022 Newsletter
When the hospital first opened in 2012 the infant mortality rate was 147/1000, in 2020 it was 108/1000 (UNICEF). Sierra Leone is still ranked as having one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. With the support of you, our wonderful donors we have been able to help reduce these statistics.
More than a hospital – a way forward for the community!
Save children
Mar 2022
March 2022 Newsletter
A centre of excellence providing much needed quality healthcare to the children of Sierra Leone.
Bo Children’s Hospital officially opened in June 2012 and was the vision of the late Dr Nuli Lemoh, Paediatrician. The hospital has successfully treated over 31,000 children since opening. We are extremely grateful to our dedicated and caring staff and to our many wonderful donors who enable the hospital to continue its wonderful work!
Save children
Sep 2021
September 2021 Newsletter
The hospital is once again fully operational as a children’s hospital. Read more...
Save children
Mar 2020
March 2020 Newsletter
An update on the outpatient therapeutic feeding program (OTP), the story of Fatimah, treated for convulsions and malaria.
Save children
Nov 2019
November 2019 Newsletter
Read about the latest patients treated at Bo Children's Hospital.
Save children
Jun 2019
June 2019 Newsletter
There are so many wonderful stories that come from the hospital but one in particular is the story of a burns victim that was treated at the hospital.
Save children
Mar 2019
March 2019 Newsletter
Twins success story and a four year old girl gets crutches. Read about these and other stories.
Save children
Sep 2018
September 2018 Newsletter
The surgery is now operational! A 16 month old baby is treated for burns and crops now being grown on the hospital ground. Read these stories and more.
Save children
Apr 2018
April 2018 Newsletter
Three year old Precious treated at the hospital after collapsing at her birthday.
Save children
Nov 2017
November 2017 Newsletter
A new bus and a new motorbike to reach outlying villages. Read all the latest news from the hospital.
Save children
Feb 2017
Report on Visit to Bo Children's Hospital
Read the report by CEOs Denise Curry and Philip Huon about the trip to visit the Bo Children's Hospital in January 2017.
Save children
Nov 2016
November News
So many positive outcomes. Stories from the field as well as the order form for the Quiet Ones CD.
Save children
May 2016
April Update
First there was Ebola and now the Measles. Take a look at what we're up to with an update on measles treatment at the hospital.
Save children
Mar 2016
Stories from the Field
Some stories of patients recently treated at the hospital, including life saving treatment at Bo Children’s Hospital which is making positive inroads for children.
Save children
Nov 2015
November Newsletter
The Bo Children’s Hospital continues to grow and maintain its services despite the current economic conditions. This much needed hospital has treated over 12,000 children since it opened in June 2012 with only a few mortalities.
Save children
Sep 2015
Inter Care donates much needed medical equipment
Inter Care Charity in the UK through Professor Peter Jones has donated medical equipment including medicines and hygiene materials. A lot of these items are not available in Sierra Leone.
Save children
Jul 2015
July Update
This period is considered one of the most difficult, when farmers (mainly subsistence) have put all their seed rice to the ground. They present with their sick children to the clinic with little or no money to pay their medical bills.
Save children
Jun 2015
Isolation ward news and more
The Isolation Ward has now been completed and the opening ceremony will take place shortly, including dignitaries represented from Bo and Freetown. Work will continue to be carried out on the fit out of the laboratory and the pharmacy. We are indebted to our wonderful donors who have made this a reality.
Save children
May 2015
Isolation ward almost complete
The response to our request for funds to build an Isolation Ward at the hospital has been excellent and work is well underway on the Isolation Ward and should be completed by the end of June.
Save children
May 2014
Fast approaching the second year of operation
We are fast approaching the second year of operation of the Bo Children’s Hospital. During the last 18 months we have seen a steady growth in patients while significant steps have been made in transitioning the management of the hospital to the local community. In its first year (April 2012 -2013) some 2000 patients were seen and only 1 death was reported. The second year has seen a steady flow of patients attending the outpatient clinic and the 11-bed ward being fully utilised for admissions.