Bo Childrens Hospital

Bo Children's Hospital Foundation

Working to bring sustainable health improvements in Sierra Leone

Guided by our vision to help the vulnerable children of Sierra Leone.

The Bo Children’s Hospital Foundation (ACN 154 536 241) has been established to continue the work already started, to improve the health of children and their mothers from the city of Bo and surrounding provinces. It has stakeholders in Australia, nationally in the Republic of Sierra Leone and internationally. The Foundation consists of an Executive Committee who meets once a month in Sydney, Australia and invited Committee Members.

It was established to:

Save children

Provide funding for the ongoing operation of the hospital, the purchase of medical equipment and furnishing, as well as building development.

Donate today

Improve health education in the local community and surrounding provinces.

Help children in need

Assist the Bo Children’s Hospital in obtaining skilled medical staff and to train and mentor local staff.

Source funding from both local, national and international donors, including government, non-government organisations and relevant stakeholders.

The Foundation is a public company limited by guarantee. Audited accounts must be provided each year. It is licensed by the NSW Communities Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to hold fundraising appeals. Funds raised can only be applied to the promotion of the objects of the Foundation. It is a non-profit organisation and the Directors do not receive any remuneration.