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From a dream that's now become a reality...

The Bo Children's Hospital is the result of partners working together. Initially the hospital was built through a partnership between the Rotary Club of Bo (Sierra Leone), the Rotary Club of East Cliff Bournemouth (UK), and the Rotary Club of Turramurra (Sydney, Australia). Since the completion of the hospital this partnership has been extended to the local Bo community with the formation of a community management board. The local community based management board administers the daily operations of the hospital and is responsible for its long term sustainability. There is much more work to do and additional partners are required to help extend the hospital's services and to contribute to raising funds.

Hospital Superintendent - Bo Children's Hospital
The Rotary Club of Bo is a highly active within the local community and was responsible for the construction of the hospital. The Rotary Club initially ran the hospital but has now transferred ownership to the local community and has a representative on the hospital's community management board.