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Bo Children's Hospital Visit

Posted by Ajaratu “AJ” Thomas | Jan 2014
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My visit to Bo Children's Hospital "BCH" was a highlight for me, not only witnessing firsthand the smiles of recuperating children and their parents but the impact of the staff's contagious enthusiasm on the rest of the community.

The BCH staff is very grateful for the ongoing support of the Foundation in Sydney, their partners and in particular Ms Robyn Stevens and her staff at the SAN Hospital, Emergency Care Unit for donating lifesaving equipment particularly feeding tubes and knitted blankets, they came in handy! They cannot thank her enough.
Nonetheless, there are challenges that continue to confront them. More pressing is the need to create more beds to meet the ongoing demands of the number of sick children coming through the doors, more importantly the critically ill. The hospital currently has 11 beds and is always at overflow. The need to complete the unfinished single rooms and ward cannot be emphasised enough.

Dr Jalloh, Medical Director BCH has set his eyes on setting up a high dependency/ intensive care unit with some of the donated equipment so that critically ill children are appropriately quarantined and to reduce the congestion of the ward and outpatient services. He hopes to accomplish this project as soon as practicable and of course, with the appropriate support.

Notwithstanding these challenges, many lives are being saved daily with very basic resources at hand but the powers of determination prevail.

Postscript:   As of 2017  the hospital has 25 beds and the single rooms and ward have been finished.  An Isolation Ward has been completed to manage infectious cases such as measles.