Projects that need your support

The greatest gift that can be given to the hospital is reliable funding to cover operational costs and to obtain essential equipment and infrastructure. Below is a list of limited commitment projects that you or your organisation can support. The projects are split between immediate needs and longer term needs. A more detailed breakdown of each project is below.

Project Cost Urgency Details
Medical Staff for 6 months $40,000 Immediate The hospital has a dedicated, locally recruited medical team serving the hospital 24 hours a day. The medical staff consists of a part time paediatric medical supervisor, a full time doctor’s assistant, full time matron and nursing staff, and full time laboratory assistants.

The fact that, in a country with an infant mortality rate of 185 / 1,000, the Bo Children’s Hospital has experienced the loss of only 2 lives out of the 2,000 patients treated in its first year of operation, bears testament to the quality of the patient care.
Administration and Supplies for 6 Months $30,000 Immediate The hospital is administered by a manager, accountants and general staff. They undertake daily management and provisioning of the hospital as well as producing regular medical and financial reports. The hospital endeavours to recover costs of services where possible and the administrative staff are responsible for collecting and accounting for these fees.
Reliable Power Supply (Additional Solar Energy Panels) $12,000 Immediate The power supply in the district of Bo is very unreliable. One of the only two deaths in the first year of operation occurred because of power failure. Currently the hospital has limited solar power but there is scope for this to be extended. The additional solar power, along with a generator that has been donated by the local community, will greatly assist in maintaining life-saving, continuous power. Expansion of the current solar system will also save fuel costs and is expected to provide stable lighting for 16 hours from 4: pm to 8: am next day. It can also operate most of the emergency equipment.
Ambulance Service $30,000 Immediate The Bo Children’s Hospital is located some 3km from the centre of Bo, on the main road to Freetown (the national capital). With an estimated local population of about 200,000, of which only a minor proportion (10%) have personal or family vehicles, a large number of people depend on commercial motor bikes for their daily transportation. Most of the patients who visit the hospital use this form of transport to access our services and also to return home. The mothers carry the children on their laps without any protection and are many times under some degree of stress. If an accident occurs, the situation gets very much more complicated. The objective of this proposal is to reduce the burden and risk associated with this type of transportation for both the mothers (care givers) and the children. At present the hospital’s second-hand six-seater minivan is used for transportation of non-critical patients and also for staff transportation.

However, this vehicle, which was bought because it was far cheaper (US$ 8,000) than any of the others available to the committee at the time, is unreliable and causes frequent disruption to patient and staff movement. It is also not expected to be road-worthy for another year. It is proposed therefore that two vehicles be provided for the hospital. An ambulance will be primarily used to transport urgently sick children (and their mothers) from their houses in Bo or outlying villages to the hospital. Medical staff (on call or other duty) will also use it. The ambulance will serve to reduce response time and provide preliminary resuscitation, thereby helping to save lives.
Minivan $35,000 Immediate A minivan (10 – 14 seater) will be used to:

→ transport hospital staff to and from work
→ transport less urgent patients (with their mothers) from Bo to the hospital, and discharged patients to designated pick–up and drop-off points in the town.

All adult passengers (but not the children) will pay the current commercial motorbike rates for this facility. The funds raised will be strictly controlled in a dedicated account. It is expected that within 12 months all maintenance, road use licence, follow-up and other costs will be met from this revolving fund
Patient Feeding Program $5,000 Immediate A child’s attendance at the hospital often involves the mother spending considerable time travelling to and from the hospital and also staying at the hospital. A program has been put in place to provide food for mothers at cost.

Also, to encourage mothers to bring their sick children to the hospital in the early stages of sickness there is a need to provide food free of charge to the children. This program will increase the number of children presenting promptly for treatment, with consequent improved health outcomes.
Extensions for an Additional 11 Beds $40,000 Longer term At present the hospital provides 11 beds and these beds are always fully occupied. The current staff could service an additional 11 beds and thereby provide health care to many more patients. However, the building requires extension so as to accommodate these additional beds.
Security Fencing $45,000 Longer term With the growing popularity of the hospital and the storage of larger quantities of equipment and medicines, there is a need for additional security. A perimeter fence is required to assist with security.

Bo Children’s Hospital owns a rectangular piece of land with a total area of 3.3 acres measuring 1600’ by 6’-8’. The fence will consist of block work with a railing finish on the country’s main east/west highway. The lands surrounding the hospital are in different stages of development – some for private housing and others for certain other institutions. One length of the rectangular piece is proposed to be a second boundary road.

The proposal is for the piece of land to be completely fenced so that:

→ there will be no possibility of encroachment from any person or organization
→ the building and other hospital property will be secured.
→ trespassers can be more easily kept out of the property.

Laboratory Upgrade $10,000 Longer term The hospital has a laboratory that regularly performs tests for the purpose of diagnosis. However, this facility is not adequate for the requirements of the hospital. Expansion of the laboratory will allow more frequent and reliable tests -and a larger range of tests- to be carried out, thus greatly improving the diagnostic process.