Bo Children's Hospital - a team that spans the world

The Rotary Club of Bo is a highly active within the local community and was responsible for the construction of the hospital. The Rotary Club initially ran the hospital but has now transferred ownership to the local community and has a representative on the hospital's community management board.

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The Rotary Club of Turramurra was formed in 1968 and since that time has pursued projects in and outside Australia. Projects being pursued by the current membership of 55 are increasingly wide ranging. The breadth of knowledge and experience among the Club members enables Turramurra Rotary Club to undertake humanitarian work in many places confident that their skill and experience can be put to good use. locally, activities include the removal of graffiti in Turramurra; co-managing the monthly Gordon Markets with Ku-ring-gai Rotary Club; and, in association with the Qantas Pathfinders Club, arranging the annual Jumbo Flight for disadvantaged children. Internationally, projects include an orphanage built after the Boxing Day Tsunami at Gampong Anak in Banda Aceh, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia; providing water and school facilities in East Timor in association with the Mary McKillop Institute; raising funds for Shelter Boxes to be used in disaster areas wherever they may occur; and developing a hospital for children in Bo, Sierra Leone. Individual Club members have visited the international locations of our projects to see for themselves what can be achieved. The understanding of the problems in the less fortunate parts of the world and the goodwill built up through these visits is inestimable.

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East Cliff Rotary is a friendly and active group, mainly from the local business community, enjoying lively and varied activities. We follow Rotary’s main purpose, “seeking out and assisting people less fortunate than ourselves” in the local community, in the wider national region and internationally, within a context of Fun, Fellowship and Mutual Support. We meet regularly, socially and more formally working on projects to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. This year, we are providing special support for Bournemouth Foodbank (The Trussel Trust), The Scouts (local groups), and The Prostate Cancer Research Centre. Other good causes will also be supported, including Bo Children’s Hospital, Sierra Leone, which we helped to establish.

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International House has been home to over 5000 University of Sydney students, staff and family members since 1967. SUIHAA (Sydney University International House Alumni Association), aims to represent this global community by fostering links between alumni; raising awareness of alumni activities; promoting IH ideals throughout the world and enriching the lives of current residents by connecting them with past residents of the House. But we're more than just an alumni organisation. SUIHAA helps support the initiatives of alumni across the world, and can help you reconnect with lost IH friends or simply catch up on news of the House through our regular newsletters and online updates. From 2006 to 2010 we helped raise over $100,000 to support the construction of a children's hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone, a project championed by alumnus Dr Nuli Lemoh and which SUIHAA continues to have an active interest in. We also help support the next generation of IH alumni through scholarships, competitions and other activities.

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How to be a Partner

The greatest gift that can be given to the hospital is reliable funding to cover operation costs and to obtain essential equipment and infrastructure.

The Bo Children’s Hospital Project has many opportunities for individuals, groups, and organisations to make a real and lasting difference. Our project list identified some immediate needs and opportunities and the Foundation has processes for tax deductible donations and becoming a partner.

To participate in saving lives and building a community, please contact us at so that we can discuss the most effective way for your participation.

There are several ways to work in partnership with the Bo Children’s Hospital:

► Choose the Bo Children’s Hospital as your main fundraising project to contribute to the overall running of the hospital
► Choose the Bo Children’s Hospital as your main fundraising project to contribute to the expansion of the Hospital’s Services
► Coordinate your project with the Hospital’s facilities and services to further help deliver health services to the Bo and Sierra Leone community
► Join the Bo Children’s Hospital Foundation and assist with the Foundation’s activities

If you wish to contribute in any way towards the project, please contact the foundation.