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Vandi Sombie

Children's Charity

Vandi Tamba Sombie is my name, born and bred in Bo town, eldest son of a family of seven to my father (deceased), mother alive in her eighties. I lost younger siblings as a result of deadly preventable diseases- poliomyelitis and diarrhea and vomiting secondary to dehydration. These episodes in mind stimulated me to pursue medical training and to work to save lives of children in my country - Sierra Leone, a country with one of highest infant mortality rates in world.

My focus with regards to my work at Bo Children’s Hospital is to increase accessibility- ‘reaching the unreached’.

I had my primary and secondary education in Bo through government scholarships, this opportunity extended to my first tertiary education- undergraduate medical training at the Bo paramedical school in 1984, later a postgraduate training in the Department of Community Health and Clinical Sciences (Njala University), International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate (IPPC - University of Sydney and Children’s Hospital at Westmead) in Australia. While I worked as head of paediatrics at the Bo Government Hospital, I benefited from many short courses in paediatrics nationally and internationally; management of paediatric HIV/AIDS in Gaborone Botswana, neonatal resuscitation and kangaroo mother care at the Department of Child Health in the University of Ghana in Accra.

My focus with regards to my work at Bo Children’s Hospital is to increase accessibility  ‘reaching the unreached’ establishing intensive care for critically ill children and also expanding service to patients that require privacy for fundraising and isolation to prevent spread of highly infectious diseases.