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Healing Sierra Leone’s children

Posted by Ali Lowe, Editor, Manly Daily | Jun 2017
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A BALGOWLAH couple are on a mission to raise funds for a children’s hospital in Sierra Leone.  Denise Curry and Philip Huon are CEOs of the founding board of Bo Children’s Hospital, which is located close to Bo, the country’s second-largest city.

In Sierra Leone, the death rate of children under five is a staggering 165 in 1000, and the main causes of preventable deaths are malaria, malnutrition, diarrhoea and pneumonia.  The children’s hospital, which opened in 2012 and is one of only two in the country, is the vision of paediatrician Dr Nuli Lemoh, who was born in Sierra Leone and studied medicine at Sydney University.  The hospital’s foundation board was established in Australia, where Dr Lemoh now lives.

Since June 2012, The Bo Children’s Hospital has successfully treated over 19,000 children,” Ms Curry said. She said the hospital was in desperate need of donations for a new mini bus. The hospital is situated five miles (8km) from Bo and there is no public transport to the facility,” said Ms Curry

“The hospital has a 15-seater bus they provide for the child patients and staff. However, it keeps breaking down and has over 300,000 miles (480,000km) on the clock.

“With the wet season coming up, the hospital is in desperate need of a new bus, as the medical staff and child patients will be unable to travel to the hospital in the torrential rain.”

A new minibus will cost $29,680 and so far the fundraising tally stands at $11,212.