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$600,000 to help save lives

Posted by Lauren Murada, North Shore Times | Oct 2014
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Despite being half a world away, a group of north shore residents are helping to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone.  Dr Nuli Lemoh and the Turramurra Rotary have donated $600,000 to the Bo Children’s Hospital to help fight the disease.

“The impact of Ebola on the local community has been devastating,” Dr Lemoh said.  “Internal trade of food products has almost stopped and starvation is a very real risk as rural people are prevented from bringing food to the local markets.  “There has been a major breakdown of the provision of services; including badly needed medical services.”

Dr Nuli Lemoh treating a patient at the Bo Children's Hospital in Sierra Leone.  Dr Lemoh was born in Bo but after moving to Australia he wanted to give back to the Bo community, where one in five children die before age five.

“Children die of illnesses that we take for grant in this country,” Dr Lemoh said.  Two years ago, he started the Bo Children’s Hospital with the financial support of Turramurra Rotary.  The community of Bo built the hospital and provides all of the medical staff. 

Since the Ebola outbreak, it is estimated that 476 people have died of the disease and there are 1206 confirmed cases in Sierra Leone.  Dr Lemoh said the hospital’s role is critical in helping prevent Ebola from spreading.

In the first two years, The Bo Children’s Hospital has treated 6000 children, admitted 1500 and only three have died.

“The hospital’s role is to detect infection and help prevent its spread through education,” he said.  “However, an equally important role is to continue to provide health services despite the disease.”

 Dr Lemoh is currently raising money to build an isolation ward at the Bo Children’s Hospital to help stop the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone

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