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The health status of the people of Sierra Leone is still among the worst in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, infant and maternal mortality rates remain among the highest in the world.  Infant mortality rate is 89 per 1000 live births, under-five mortality rate is 140 per 1000 live births and maternal mortality ratio is 857 per 100 000 births.  However, the majority of causes of illness and death, especially of children, in Sierra Leone are preventable.  Bo Children's Hospital is making a positive difference.

We are currently raising funds for a new 15 seater bus to bring patients and staff to the hospital. Our current bus is very old – with over 300 000 miles on the odometer. So far we have raised US$ 8 500 but we need another US $14 000. Please visit the donate page if you can help.

Posted by BCH | Mar 2018
An insightful glance into the daily operations of Bo Children's Hospital.

Posted by | Jul 2017
Dr Lemoh’s vision became a reality in June 2012 when the hospital opened and has since treated over 26,000 children. It is the 2nd only Children’s Hospital in the country.  $50 can provide treatment for 20 children per month, $100 can provide bandages and sutures for a month, and $220 can support full hospitalisation for 5 children per month.
Posted by Ali Lowe, Editor, Manly Daily | Jun 2017
With the wet season coming up, the hospital is in desperate need of a new bus, as the medical staff and child patients will be unable to travel to the hospital in the torrential rain. A new minibus will cost $29,680 and so far the fundraising tally stands at $11,212.  We need your help to save the children and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.
Posted by Denise Curry and Philip Huon | Jan 2017
A great visit seeing the ongoing progress. We have full support across government and all local community leaders, who are now aware of our concern that the hospital must be self-sustaining so the Bo Children’s Hospital Foundation can concentrate on upgrading the equipment at the hospital.
Posted by webmaster | Dec 2016
Laurie Facer, retired CEO of the Bo Children’s Hospital Foundation, is a longstanding member of the band, The Quiet Ones. The band has kindly donated their CD at no charge to raise money towards a Computerised Patient Record System for Bo Children's Hospital. It's a great listen - and for a worthwhile cause.
Despite being half a world away, a group of north shore residents are helping to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone. Dr Nuli Lemoh and the Turramurra Rotary have donated $600,000 to the Bo Children’s Hospital to help fight the disease.
Posted by Message from Nuli | Jun 2014
In 2005 158 out of 1000 babies died before their first birthday and 276 died before they reached the age of 5 in Sierra Leone. In 2012 UNICEF recorded that the infant mortality rate had dropped to 117 per 1000 and under 5s to 185 per thousand. This is a big improvement and the Bo Children’s Hospital is playing an important role.
Posted by Vandi Sombie | Jun 2014
I lost my younger sibling as a result of deadly preventable diseases viz poliomyelitis and diarrhea and vomiting secondary to dehydration. It was these episodes which motivated me to pursue medical training and to work to save lives of children in my country – Sierra Leone, a country with one of highest infant mortality rates in world.
In one year, 2000 children who otherwise might have died from preventable illnesses were saved.  Those statistics are a significant turnaround for infant mortality rates, which previously saw 194 children die out of every 1000 children born.
Posted by Ajaratu “AJ” Thomas | Jan 2014
There are challenges that continue to confront Bo Children's Hospital. More pressing is the need to create more beds to meet the ongoing demands of the number of sick children coming through the doors, more importantly the critically ill. The hospital currently has 11 beds and is always at overflow.
Posted by Webmaster | Oct 2013
Thanks for our very generous donors - we were able to complete a shipment for Bo Children's Hospital that contained important supplies to help the help in Sierra Leone.